Problems in China

As I said, snow is rare in Shanghai, lots of snow: it is unthinkable, then there is no provision to handle this kind of situation. Already thinking (beep) that it is in Paris, where devices are provided when it snows, then imagine here … Some anecdotes to measure the extent of the phenomenon:
– Nils Marieke and leave the city center at 21h: subway to Xinzhuang to take a taxi to Dongchuan because at this time there are more underground in this direction. Small problem: Xinzhuang not a single taxi because of the time, they take a subway to Xinzhuang then back to another station and take a taxi there. In the city everything is blocked, traffic congestion to no end, and the worst … accidents everywhere. Marieke has identified no less than 15 taxi accidents on the road. Check for them at midnight: 3 hour trip when he usually takes 1:30.


– For my part, I stayed in town and I manage to catch the last subway to Xinzhuang one: it is 22:45. Timo had advised me to go down to Xujiahui to take a bus (cheaper than a taxi from Xinzhuang) but to avoid walking in the cold then I prefer the taxi option, given the experience of Marieke and Nils j ‘did well. So I get off the subway to Xinzhuang. Except that not even one taxi, and no way back, I just get off the last train!

From paradise to chinese hell

When I arrived in early September, I was warned that it can get very cold in Shanghai, especially when it rains, but it was not that I expected to see snow, both falling snow here are rare.
Well for my first winter in Shanghai, I had snow 2 times until today! It had snowed 29, not enough to hold it, but it was already great given region. So what was our delight in seeing yesterday, the 30th, large flakes falling outside our windows to finish in a thick white carpet.

So, to face the cold Shanghainese, we released equipment rigor:]


And yes, Marieke and Nils, we went into town to see among others the view of Shanghai’s skyline since Timo new apartment. Indeed, while the day before it was too soft for the city snow makes its appearance yesterday she is well and truly coming to cover the roofs of central Shanghai.

Battle of snowballs, snowflakes and white down, all this could simply be idyllic, but it is not counting on:


– Cold, is not it the red Marieke:]

– Created panic in Shanghai!

Even in normal times, it is better not to pay too much attention to how the Chinese may lead to a heart attack chopper, I let you imagine the situation when the temperature drops below 0 ° C, and the Highway is more than icy runway!

New appartment

You were calling me the pictures of my new apartment? well there are more, not only can you see the pictures, but I’m starting to time in creating my blog, Céline China.

It’s been two months that I try to find time to get my website, but in vain, so I find this solution, simple and easy for you to share my tribulations in China.

So I open my blog by telling you a little about my new apartment!

And yes, university residences in China, it will be accommodates some time, but soon comes when, at age 22, we aspire to a little more room to move.

With Marieke, my friend, roommate and classmate, we said STOP permission to midnight STOP control identity of visitors, STOP espionage janitors … to FREEDOM PLACE
Decision on the signing, in one week the case was bent. With the invaluable help of our Chinese friend Bill, we canvassed two agencies visited in 3 days 7 apartments.

Here in Shanghai, the rents are much lower than in France, and the apartments are rented already equipped. For about 250 euros per month, we have 2 bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony and a dependency, all in a quiet and well maintained, each room is equipped with nine.
I view from my bedroom window:

a little greenery, a few touches of color, and a basketball court!
The must:

the giant screen with DVD player and Dolby Surround, when we know the price of this DVD (that’s for another article), it promises good TV evenings in perspective …

Now, if you want more information, it will come to visit me in Shanghai

Hangzhou garden of china 3

I’m with Alice and Sheelin, the two Chinese friends in which we could discover these authentic places. Again thank you to them!

To complete the experience in beauty, for our return to Shanghai, we have experienced the Chinese train, of course, totally improvised in the midst of returning from vacation Thanks to I know not what good fortune, we were able to manage Alice, Finally get tickets for 2 hours in a crowded train, Marieke half a seat and me in the middle of the aisle (where someone every 5 minutes) sitting comfortably on my purse-ra lives!
The adventure, true, at least we have experienced this part of the things that mark us, that make us smile and helping to make this trip unforgettable.

Moreover, it is said that every season here Xihu Lake has a new face always mesmerizing. Throughout the year, the lovers are exiled and number of marriages are celebrated. For me, no wedding plans for now 🙂 but for sure, autumn, winter, spring or summer, I will return one of these four to Hangzhou!

Hangzhou garden of China 2

But the best is yet to come. We were Hanghzou for 2 days, until next Wednesday afternoon. Standing at dawn with a backpack and excited as chips, so we spent our entire Tuesday to discover the jewel of Hangzhou West Lake, also called down here Xihu (pronounced Sirou).

Do not get me wrong, Hangzhou is far from being lost in the depths of the outback (the prefecture of Zhejiang province), and yet, there is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of China, best according to the Chinese: a huge lake surrounded by an authentic as untouched by time and rapid modernization.

China as we dream!

Already evening falls on the Xihu here just in time for us to stop in a beautiful tea house bordering the lake, our friends joined us and we enjoy new specialties in Hangzhou, hazelnuts and slightly sweet tea “flowers “… a delight for the eyes as for the taste buds …

Wow, our eyes are wondering, our legs …?! …? bah they feel more, the day was rich, but not long enough for us to go around the whole lake. Regardless, we were able to ask, admire, and take a few shots which I leave you to ponder …

The next day, change of pace! We are supported by our friends, the way to the other corner of the splendor, the mountain of Longjin (pronounced longtsin) where they grow the most famous Chinese green tea that is served in tea houses typical along the way.


It really So cold, I’m completely exhausted, I’m all alone, I do not know anyone who would have a car to pick me up …
From time to time a cab arrives, 20 people throw a lot of taxi top, I ventured a question to see if people would not go in the same direction as me, but in vain. I take my pain with patience, looking for a solution, call someone that sends me a taxi perhaps?
Suddenly, the call saving! Jiaoda Minhang! Jiaoda Minhang! I run, I run a mini-bus that can drop me off! Of course it is illegal, crisis, emergency and D system to compensate for flaws in the system established … But it is very dangerous … A 17 (with just enough big bags and jackets ) in vehicles designed for 12 on icy roads, I entrust my life to a complete stranger that I do not even know if the permit.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a real place on a back seat, 10 kuai le way per person (price not the race but the head where the filling …), of course with the dose of music techno and hubbub in Chinese. A live it to believe it!

Finally I arrived at 0:15, my toes are ice and I shiver all over. Not sure for tomorrow’s Eve I go downtown …
(photos in albums and Shanghai Minhang Life J & N)

Hangzhou or garden China

“There is paradise in heaven. And on earth, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou. ”
Chaoying poet Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

What must be more to justify the destination of my first trip outside of Shanghai?

And yes, with the first school holidays (1 week), which coincides with the Chinese National Day on October 1, I went out and about with friends and Marieke Chinese destination Hangzhou (pronounced Rangtcho), a small paradise not far Shanghai where the Chinese are accustomed to take refuge in their spare time.
Well, this is Hangzhou, a good course, must first locate in Shanghai, China, but that nothing beats a good map

We left Monday 04/10 afternoon from Xinzhuang in Shanghai (Shanghai is great, we left the North or the South, it makes a big difference), drive towards the house of friends of friends (the relationships!) … and 2:30 to arrive safely.

The same evening, we were invited to a very good restaurant in town by our host. Neither he nor his wife spoke English really, much less French, and our Chinese made ​​them smile, but they very well knew we discover the delicious cuisine of Hangzhou. Around a good table, need words to communicate