Hangzhou or garden China

“There is paradise in heaven. And on earth, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou. ”
Chaoying poet Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

What must be more to justify the destination of my first trip outside of Shanghai?

And yes, with the first school holidays (1 week), which coincides with the Chinese National Day on October 1, I went out and about with friends and Marieke Chinese destination Hangzhou (pronounced Rangtcho), a small paradise not far Shanghai where the Chinese are accustomed to take refuge in their spare time.
Well, this is Hangzhou, a good course, must first locate in Shanghai, China, but that nothing beats a good map

We left Monday 04/10 afternoon from Xinzhuang in Shanghai (Shanghai is great, we left the North or the South, it makes a big difference), drive towards the house of friends of friends (the relationships!) … and 2:30 to arrive safely.

The same evening, we were invited to a very good restaurant in town by our host. Neither he nor his wife spoke English really, much less French, and our Chinese made ​​them smile, but they very well knew we discover the delicious cuisine of Hangzhou. Around a good table, need words to communicate

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