It really So cold, I’m completely exhausted, I’m all alone, I do not know anyone who would have a car to pick me up …
From time to time a cab arrives, 20 people throw a lot of taxi top, I ventured a question to see if people would not go in the same direction as me, but in vain. I take my pain with patience, looking for a solution, call someone that sends me a taxi perhaps?
Suddenly, the call saving! Jiaoda Minhang! Jiaoda Minhang! I run, I run a mini-bus that can drop me off! Of course it is illegal, crisis, emergency and D system to compensate for flaws in the system established … But it is very dangerous … A 17 (with just enough big bags and jackets ) in vehicles designed for 12 on icy roads, I entrust my life to a complete stranger that I do not even know if the permit.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a real place on a back seat, 10 kuai le way per person (price not the race but the head where the filling …), of course with the dose of music techno and hubbub in Chinese. A live it to believe it!

Finally I arrived at 0:15, my toes are ice and I shiver all over. Not sure for tomorrow’s Eve I go downtown …
(photos in albums and Shanghai Minhang Life J & N)


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