Hangzhou garden of China 2

But the best is yet to come. We were Hanghzou for 2 days, until next Wednesday afternoon. Standing at dawn with a backpack and excited as chips, so we spent our entire Tuesday to discover the jewel of Hangzhou West Lake, also called down here Xihu (pronounced Sirou).

Do not get me wrong, Hangzhou is far from being lost in the depths of the outback (the prefecture of Zhejiang province), and yet, there is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of China, best according to the Chinese: a huge lake surrounded by an authentic as untouched by time and rapid modernization.

China as we dream!

Already evening falls on the Xihu here just in time for us to stop in a beautiful tea house bordering the lake, our friends joined us and we enjoy new specialties in Hangzhou, hazelnuts and slightly sweet tea “flowers “… a delight for the eyes as for the taste buds …

Wow, our eyes are wondering, our legs …?! …? bah they feel more, the day was rich, but not long enough for us to go around the whole lake. Regardless, we were able to ask, admire, and take a few shots which I leave you to ponder …

The next day, change of pace! We are supported by our friends, the way to the other corner of the splendor, the mountain of Longjin (pronounced longtsin) where they grow the most famous Chinese green tea that is served in tea houses typical along the way.


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