Hangzhou garden of china 3

I’m with Alice and Sheelin, the two Chinese friends in which we could discover these authentic places. Again thank you to them!

To complete the experience in beauty, for our return to Shanghai, we have experienced the Chinese train, of course, totally improvised in the midst of returning from vacation Thanks to I know not what good fortune, we were able to manage Alice, Finally get tickets for 2 hours in a crowded train, Marieke half a seat and me in the middle of the aisle (where someone every 5 minutes) sitting comfortably on my purse-ra lives!
The adventure, true, at least we have experienced this part of the things that mark us, that make us smile and helping to make this trip unforgettable.

Moreover, it is said that every season here Xihu Lake has a new face always mesmerizing. Throughout the year, the lovers are exiled and number of marriages are celebrated. For me, no wedding plans for now 🙂 but for sure, autumn, winter, spring or summer, I will return one of these four to Hangzhou!

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