New appartment

You were calling me the pictures of my new apartment? well there are more, not only can you see the pictures, but I’m starting to time in creating my blog, Céline China.

It’s been two months that I try to find time to get my website, but in vain, so I find this solution, simple and easy for you to share my tribulations in China.

So I open my blog by telling you a little about my new apartment!

And yes, university residences in China, it will be accommodates some time, but soon comes when, at age 22, we aspire to a little more room to move.

With Marieke, my friend, roommate and classmate, we said STOP permission to midnight STOP control identity of visitors, STOP espionage janitors … to FREEDOM PLACE
Decision on the signing, in one week the case was bent. With the invaluable help of our Chinese friend Bill, we canvassed two agencies visited in 3 days 7 apartments.

Here in Shanghai, the rents are much lower than in France, and the apartments are rented already equipped. For about 250 euros per month, we have 2 bedrooms, a large living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony and a dependency, all in a quiet and well maintained, each room is equipped with nine.
I view from my bedroom window:

a little greenery, a few touches of color, and a basketball court!
The must:

the giant screen with DVD player and Dolby Surround, when we know the price of this DVD (that’s for another article), it promises good TV evenings in perspective …

Now, if you want more information, it will come to visit me in Shanghai


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