From paradise to chinese hell

When I arrived in early September, I was warned that it can get very cold in Shanghai, especially when it rains, but it was not that I expected to see snow, both falling snow here are rare.
Well for my first winter in Shanghai, I had snow 2 times until today! It had snowed 29, not enough to hold it, but it was already great given region. So what was our delight in seeing yesterday, the 30th, large flakes falling outside our windows to finish in a thick white carpet.

So, to face the cold Shanghainese, we released equipment rigor:]


And yes, Marieke and Nils, we went into town to see among others the view of Shanghai’s skyline since Timo new apartment. Indeed, while the day before it was too soft for the city snow makes its appearance yesterday she is well and truly coming to cover the roofs of central Shanghai.

Battle of snowballs, snowflakes and white down, all this could simply be idyllic, but it is not counting on:


– Cold, is not it the red Marieke:]

– Created panic in Shanghai!

Even in normal times, it is better not to pay too much attention to how the Chinese may lead to a heart attack chopper, I let you imagine the situation when the temperature drops below 0 ° C, and the Highway is more than icy runway!


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