Problems in China

As I said, snow is rare in Shanghai, lots of snow: it is unthinkable, then there is no provision to handle this kind of situation. Already thinking (beep) that it is in Paris, where devices are provided when it snows, then imagine here … Some anecdotes to measure the extent of the phenomenon:
– Nils Marieke and leave the city center at 21h: subway to Xinzhuang to take a taxi to Dongchuan because at this time there are more underground in this direction. Small problem: Xinzhuang not a single taxi because of the time, they take a subway to Xinzhuang then back to another station and take a taxi there. In the city everything is blocked, traffic congestion to no end, and the worst … accidents everywhere. Marieke has identified no less than 15 taxi accidents on the road. Check for them at midnight: 3 hour trip when he usually takes 1:30.


– For my part, I stayed in town and I manage to catch the last subway to Xinzhuang one: it is 22:45. Timo had advised me to go down to Xujiahui to take a bus (cheaper than a taxi from Xinzhuang) but to avoid walking in the cold then I prefer the taxi option, given the experience of Marieke and Nils j ‘did well. So I get off the subway to Xinzhuang. Except that not even one taxi, and no way back, I just get off the last train!


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