CHinese TKDO

My favorite sport to me, it’s basketball (14 years that I actually oula I getting older:]). But since I’m in China, it is impossible to find an interesting structure: women’s basketball is not particularly popular. So long as it was fine, I could play at leisure on the land outside the university or one of my residence, especially that Marieke is a super pro and the Chinese love the type Baball orange in their spare time: sport, nothing like to meet people and integrate!

Yes but since December it is very cold here, and in recent weeks the rain reminded of our good memories too, suddenly basketball is a bit dead. What else then?
Table tennis, tai chi or the “sport” typical Chinese or must do exercises at 6:30? yeah, blah …
The answer came to me one day in my mailbox!
At first sight, even though I do not really understand all that is written in Chinese, I recognize quite clearly that he is Taekwondo]
It have taken much before the nth paper incomprehensible goes away in the trash, what caught my attention were these few words at the bottom of this prospectus:

“For non-Chinese: Every Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at night”

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