Chinese Chinatown

There is not in Paris or New York you can find a Chinatown, Shanghai too!

And yes, in the middle of skyscrapers architectures bold boulevards between Renmin Lu and Zhonghua Lu, Chinatown is the old city of Shanghai. A short distance from the Bund and the Huangpu River, we come across a large area of low houses loyal to the traditional Chinese style, the contrast is striking!
I have not yet had time to visit every corner, but I’ve been able to use my shoes on the pavement of its streets and Fangbang Zhong Lu through the door to the ancient Chinese, the street is lined with small shops of “craft” Chinese brush seal in Chinese through baguettes and shimmering fabrics, a must for tourists looking for souvenirs to bring home!

And local traders do wrong: “Look a look”, “Hallo” you hear with fun (or frustration after a while …) everything is good to attract the attention of the travel wallet !

We are hesitant, then curious and finally charmed by the swarm that takes you over the street. Anyway, it’s no use to hide, everyone sees that you are a “laowai” (= non-Chinese)]


So, if you come to Shanghai,
pass heading of “it is a tourist trap”
and let yourself be carried away by the life that animates the streets,
and if you want my opinion,
to do a hook instead of night …


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