I’m a chinese warrior

Non-Chinese?! But that’s me!

So I spent my eyes mode character recognition to identify the address, and Marieke and Pascal also interested we went to inquire.
Well, it turned out first that there were no classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and not for strangers. But we were welcomed with open arms, and we were invited to training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday … Chinese course!

I miss too much sport, and here we agree to integrate foreign courses usually reserved for Chinese, will you try the adventure!

So I decided to come back to attend a course on a Saturday, in the meantime I had boarded the case Maxime (another French) Zhengzhen (his girlfriend Chinese). Marieke and Pascal on vacation, we’re going to only 3. Zhengzhen through our secret weapon :), we learn from the girl at the reception a wealth of information on the progress of the course. We also hear a strange language, no no, not the Chinese, of course … but Korean, TKDO (TaeKwonDo) is Korean! And then we say that it will really be hassle.

But are quickly reassured the teacher explained very well by gestures, it is understood younger (7 years) as older people (who we have watched all included]).

It is decided, I sign. Maxime and Zhengzhen too. 180 yuan for a Dobok (tunic) to be ordered brand new. And when we have our Doboks, 160 yuan per month 3 classes per week, it’s honest!

So all this was last Saturday … Today is Friday, so I had my first lesson! Since Saturday, Jean-François (another French Minhang!) Is said tempted by the adventure. But you know what, they’ve all dropped tonight, with more or less valid excuses, lâââcheurs :/

Too bad, I went there, I am not removed, I went diving alone in a group of Chinese Doboks and screaming sounds weird arrrrghh!

Ooh but it’s getting late, and it is already well along this article …
I leave you with all the suspense, the sequel to “Céline makes TKDO” tomorrow:]


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