Who wants to fight :p

As promised, following my adventures TKDO! Yesterday I ended up on the fact that my comrades to come to TKDO starters had left me alone to go to my first class.
the Dobok

I start with my pick Dobok brand new. I eclipse in the toilet to pass, and lo and behold the pants are too small … A equal size, the Chinese generally have shorter legs than we Europeans expensive. So I started to style “A mussel fishing” with his pants back up to 10 cm above the ankles so that the crotch does not bother me for the movements.

Once Dobok past … How you put the ceintuuuuuure?
Here I appeal to the girl home (I’ll have to ask him his name because it’s long “the girl from home” …) who takes care of me. Pick up your pride]

That’s it I’m ready JFDLA last recommendation before entering the Dojang, do not forget salvation. Go, breathe … GO!


First class!

The course had started a few minutes. Already I am relieved to see other white belts. The teacher invites me to join the others, being assured that I was the “French”, well I think it was pretty obvious

Then follows a long series of exercises and heating flexibility.
As I said yesterday, it had been several weeks since I had not done any sport … hello rust … I rediscovered the joys of enchantment with rolls, candles, bridges, and large variations famous, hence the importance of adjusted to the crotch pants:] … my muscles are still feeling this morning!


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