I love Shanghai

After that, I found myself with a bit of cabbage 8 or 9 years old, brand new like me, every 2 supported not by the teacher of the course, but with a black belt who speaks a little English. First movement to learn, kick shield, which I believe is called “ap tchagui.”

What I found is that our super 2 teachers really took the time to take care of us 2 small (yes I put a good head to one of my teachers) beginners. The “real” teacher came from time to time to put our feet, our hands and our heads, he did not speak a word of English, but was very understanding, and I was glad I understand what they is told between Chinese teachers:]

After decomposition of the movement, with practical support against the wall and vacuum, I even had my baptism of “black palette” (I still do not know his name either): this is the kind of racket slightly padded we place before us and we must press hard with your foot.
Sandrine also makes it TKDO since September in Paris had warned me that he had to enter the risk of getting hurt. Perhaps it is thanks to his advice I made ​​a misery to the “black palette”]

Approach the end of the course.
Recent years all lined up in front of the teacher: it’s gone for ten pumps! Then before leaving, the teacher goes and gets in front of each of us shouting something, and we must respond immediately by releasing our cry the most impressive possible!
My Chinese friend encountered some difficulties to scream, but nobody laughed, and the teacher took the time for it to run its best. For me it has been, and probably because I’m a girl and because I went after my friend more timid, I think I’m a little surprised


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