Time to change, I exchanged a few words in Chinese with the teacher, so I’ll be back tomorrow! He then offered to bring me another Dobok greater for the day, it is an old he will lend me, I have a Dobok to my brand new size after the holidays when the “factory Doboks” have been able to make one, really nice!   Everything went very well, I would even say that I loved it. The same evening I went to rummage a bit on the net to find some info, including the Korean vocabulary helpful! I found the site http://www.webtkd.com very well, at least for a total novice like me I have extracted a few photos of this article because I could not show you my Dobok. So I found how to count in Korean. 1: Hana 2: Dul 3: Set 4: Net 5: Dasot 6: Yosot 7: Ilgop 8: Yodol 9: AHOP 10: Yol   And I learned the meaning of Taekwondo: “Taekwondo: the way of foot and fist (literally: Tae = kick, Kwon = fist, C = channel, mind) ”   and what are its benefits, exactly what I needed! “It enables adults to have a healthy life and stay in shape, relieve stress. It develops reflexes, anticipation and confidence in situations of conflict. ” “Flexibility, agility, strength, reflexes, balance and openness to the world.”   It only remains for me to learn the differences between “ap tchagui”, “yop tchagui” or “dolyô tchagui” and repeated how to tie my belt, and one day maybe I can do that … In the meantime, I go back tonight!

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