Story of the Chinese government

BEIJING (AP) – Chinese lawmakers are considering screening criminalize sex of a fetus for non-medical reasons, to fight against sex-selective abortions against girls, according to reports published Sunday in the daily newspaper “China Youth Daily”.

Screening for sex has been banned, but doctors who practice may currently administrative sanctions, not criminal. “Despite the ban, screening is still practiced, leading to a serious imbalance” between the sexes, the newspaper said, claiming that the Standing Committee of China’s top legislature will file a law criminalizing these acts.

According to official statistics, he was born 117 boys for every 100 girls in China, a difference attributed to demographic policy aimed at limiting the number of children to one child per couple. In a society that values ​​boys, there are many who prefer an abortion when, following an ultrasound the mother learns that she is pregnant with a girl.


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