Travel to Beijing

First leg of the trip to Beijing by train.

And yes, you have to start by visiting the famous capital and with dimensions of China, this is not a trivial matter:]

So I decided to take the train to make us Shanghai to Beijing. Slightly cheaper than aircraft, especially in the sense Shanghai-Beijing railway in China is also an experience in itself.

It had already begun when purchasing tickets.
After the galleys No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, so we managed last February 6 at the counter to buy Minhang our return tickets in two berths.

In fact, as we already had to take place in soft sleeper, I wanted to take back to experience the hard sleeper, which is said that comfort is identical to their cousins ​​soft intimacy less (compartments 6 and not shared 4, and no door) and are significantly less expensive.
However, it made ​​me realize that it was impossible for me to get to this point such places. I already felt happy to have 2 places back in the Beijing-Shanghai sense when we know that in general you can not buy train tickets departing in the city where you are, I do not insist not …

A small remark nevertheless, Beijing-Shanghai cost us 50 RMB more per ticket than Shanghai and Beijing for the same category of comfort and train, issue date, meaning? I did not explain it yet …

Anyway, that’s it, we’re ready.

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