Beijing city ah ah

After visiting the Forbidden City yesterday, we remain in gigantism in February 11 very cool that we are totally dedicated to visit the Summer Palace, winter version!

After our first full day, for the second day of the visit was difficult awakening. Program: visit the Summer Palace.

The first test will be to get there.
For the Summer Palace is 20 km north-west of Beijing. For us, no question of taking a taxi. In true backpackers we are, we start with our Rough Guide (and some cakes) in the bag to read and follow the directions necessary for our journey.

No problem for the metro, we go into effect at Xizhimen station, the station most northwestern Beijing, and we hope to find a station for bus No. 335 for us to go directly to the Summer Palace.
Except that, to the subway exit, no indication for any bus 335 … We’ll it on the back of the seniority (2002) guide, and then we’re all happy to find an indication for line 332 which was also announced by the guide but leaving the zoo is not really in the corner. Well no matter, we start looking for the famous resort.

And the quest was long. First attempts at tracking once out of the subway, no bus station in sight, by informing us from passers we end up finding but obviously none for the 332, and of course no workable plan bus in the corner. At the intuition then we wander randomly some time before falling to a new series of bus stations. Finally, helpless, I finally explain our case to a lady at one of the stations I want to go to the summer palace … And then other Chinese who listened to me tell me that I can take the 105 to go up at the zoo and then catch a 332. Bah good way to the zoo.


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