Beijing the beautiful

Arrived at the zoo, … And it is no different where the 332??? Among the many stations at the entrance of the zoo, none mentioned line 332. So, always desperate, I come to ask my Chinese to a group of police officers or guards, short of men in uniform we say ANY STATION IS 332?? I then explained that we need to cross the boulevard and then I’ll find her. And yes, we found it, but hey, we still got there we had to realize that there was a bus station on this side (because of course the usual bus station did not see either pass 332 ) and then search for the 332. Finally we are installed. Is it worth the Summer Palace …

When we finally get there, (ie at the other end of the bus line 332), it is already mid-day. Fortunately we had planned snacks, because the day will be long
So it is with our tickets in hand and a packet of crisps in the arm that we are taking the entrance, and we are far from being the only …

A huge site
Indeed, the Summer Palace, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, sees through each year more than 6 million visitors. And if Backpacker offers 3 hour tour, you say that you do not have time to see everything, or so on the run.

290 hectares, 3,000 buildings and 420,000 trees, not to mention the longest covered gallery in the world (728 meters) all serviced by 1,700 employees, it may take a little time to go around!

The Summer Palace, as it was the residence of the Empress Cixi, obviously has its share of palace, but everyone will understand very quickly that it was mostly a place of pleasure, as despite the cold, we have found only outside.
Our first steps will lead us to the rows of courtyards well known, these buildings that house in that the tourist shops. It also recognizes geometric shapes crossings between different parts of the gardens imitate human Sandrine Da Vinci …


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