My travel to beijing

Then suddenly, enlightenment, when, as we were probably taking pictures “artistic” we say, we see one of the openings by people walking on the water … frozen lake, a lake immense, stretching out of sight and dazzles us.

We will walk a long time around the lake and get to the point where we can as we try to walk on the ice of Lake Kunming (officially banned but tolerated obviously) youhou, attention sliding!

From here we then take the full measure of the size of the place … it is clear we can not go around today.


After wiping our feet on the ice, we move away from the entrance increasingly bypassing the lake to get closer to the South Island connected to the mainland by bridge with 17 arches. We are in the midst of 220 acres of lake and we still have so much to see on the other side! Quickly we retrace our steps to find out what we initially neglected, and we have now seen far from the island.


We therefore reverse the path, and we extend our road and along the famous covered porch, to get in front of a palace that we hoped to visit but which turns out to be closed. At least this station has enabled us to regain some strength, one can find snacks and re-energize after long walks around the lake, especially when the sun already pale begins to decline. Let me tell you at this stage of the tour we were really tired, but Sandrine and break snacks have managed to motivate me to continue always visit along the lake …


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