Beijing memories

Upon arriving, we first Noticed the Museum of the Revolution, Where We received our first invitation and Declined to an “exhibition of fine arts student.” It est aussi the entrance to the museum you can read the countdown of the Time Remaining before the Beijing Olympics 2008. Message of hope or umpteenth means clustering to repress the past?
Having crossed the broad avenue Qianmen, we find Ourselves on the spot.
Opposite the museum is the Palace of the People’s Assembly, Where continuous political history as home to the legislature, and to Sandrine Which Took a break

We aussi Perceive the Monument to the People’s Heroes, a wide obelisk Where We read That “Heroes are Immortal” (Mao Zedong), and behind the mausoleum of Chairman Mao still alive emblem (long tail for the visits That We n ‘oddly not Have the fortitude to face) Communist China of the Mao years in a country now turned to capitalism.
Perhaps the goal more eyes are on the other side of the square. Indeed opposite is the entrance to the Forbidden City. Behind five stone bridges, a huge portrait of Mao Seems to attract the cameras. On Both Sides of the picture, I can read the two entries in our guide translated “Long live the People’s Republic of China” and “Long live the union entre le peoples of the world.” We do not derogate from the rule.

We too take a picture with Comrade Mao, It Has beens aussi not without difficulty … if so look at Any little Carefully Between Sandrine and I



We have here in this market place of history, A FEW minutes in the sun fresh from Beijing to Become aware of what was and what might be, before heading to our next site of discovery: The City prohibited.


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