I miss you Beijing

This Saturday night so we were the only two people in the hotel had booked for the show. We are led taxi with the girl service booking: Liyuan Theatre is actually on the ground floor of a hotel in downtown Beijing. Time for our guide to get our tickets and give us money for the taxi back and the little card “Take me to this address, blah blah blah” (like we are not heading to fend for themselves ….) , we are installed in the theater.

Hostesses try to sell us several times audio systems to monitor performance in English, but we refuse, wanting enjoy the show.

– From my side more, I had the immense joy of having to close a user of these systems that made me enjoy his translation as the volume was high … so if you want a board simultaneous translation, do not buy but ask your neighbors up the volume –
Also before the start of representation, we could attend the makeup artists in the room that adjoined the theater.

We then discover the transformation that occurs on their faces. Everyone disguises himself before a small table mirror, brush in hand, a dash of red to it, a task white one …

Actions seem to follow a ritual that we dare not disturb, even if the artists remain impassive face strafing photographic tourists
Back to our seats, more than a few minutes before curtain. We note in front of us a table type restaurant table with what it takes to munch during the show. And yes, it is a Chinese habits, theater, during performances (which can be long do not forget …) we eat together around a good table.

And gradually as the room fills, we see different groups sit around these tables and get to know them. More user friendly than the popcorn itself before a large screen

But already the room darkens, the screens that display subtitles starting to panic over again, the moment is now, the curtain will open …

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