Beijing Theatre

And … we begin by finding all musicians, no more than 5 or 6 after my memories, arranged in an arc each occupied with his typical Chinese instrument and no conductor. Then they move to a hidden end scene where they remained until the end of the show.
Representation itself actually degrades into several tables, independent of each other, probably to allow tourists come here to see a condensed version of a sample large enough that the Peking Opera offers.

Singing a goddess of the mountain, fighting a duel and jokes pass between an innkeeper other before our eyes. Our ears rather difficult to bear elk voice of the goddess of the mountain, whose movements we have yet colorful ribbons happy, and we will époustouflées by fighting acrobatic executed in time with the music and jerky special Peking Opera.

What artists sing … we did not understand anything …

Of course the songs were in Chinese, but more importantly, the sounds were modulated as they can be in our Western operas, making it impossible to distinguish phonemes possible that I could recognize.

While we had the screens for subtitles. But we have just used, perhaps simply because the visual speak for itself. While many subtleties have escaped us, but we enjoyed representation in our own way …

Thus, if only by intellectual curiosity or interest in Chinese culture, I think it’s worth seeing at least once (if you can of course) Peking Opera. After, like everything that is suggestive of more in art, love it or do not.

I was not a fan of music, but I applauded the acrobatic and theatrical performance.


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