THe forbidden city

Next logical step in our first day marathon in Beijing after Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City!

The Forbidden City was the residence of Chinese emperors (and their concubines and children, and empress dowagers), we dealt with the business of the Court, celebrated the grand ceremonies: it constitutait and the center of political power, and even the center of the world after the Chinese philosophy …
Before you show more, some figures of history the scene.

The Forbidden City is:

14 years of construction, 1407-1420
200,000 workers
960 m in length
750 m wide
12 million bricks for paving
9000 rooms
up to 20,000 eunuchs (staff) of the Ming

Here is where I had left from Tian’anmen Square. This is the southern entrance of the Forbidden City, clearly identifiable by the portrait of Mao that easy to spot from afar …

We distinguish here the 5 inputs that lead to the city, but I could not tell you what’s behind because with Sandrine, we passed by a kind of park to the right of this entry, “park culture people “or something like that …

The fact is that we borrow this entry (very busy …) or side roads through the park beside it ends up the real entrance to the Forbidden City, which happens to be the Gate du Midi, Wumen.


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