Beijing again :-)

There he must learn to navigate through the different queues:

The first to go is the one to buy his ticket, a 40 yuan per person.
Then the second queue, the audio-guide: with Sandrine, we say that there is surely a lot of interesting things to know about the places, then we pay 40 yuan rental (plus a deposit ). Note that good tourists, we first sent to stop audio guide, but it was actually faster to go directly to the people near the large wooden table where you decrepit glue directly on the audio guide ears with the nice lady at the boiboite already starting to chat while you are gently pushed to the third queue …
Which … will finally return, once, of course, we have taken care to tear the right side of your ticket.

Finally here it is, here we are. It should be about 10am and we can only see that there is in the world. We will have to face crowds of Chinese and other tourists from around the world to approach the various palaces that we will discover.

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