The harmony palace

Past the gate of Supreme Harmony, here we are in front of the palace of the same name. We already reports of the vastness and the rigorous symmetry places.

With the Palace of Supreme Harmony (Taihe Dian), we find the elements that are characteristic and recurring palaces of the Forbidden City. Everywhere these same red walls, these rooftops yellow gold this entry background blond showing the name of the palace, and the crowd of tourists who congregate at the entrances of the palace to try to see and even take pictures for the more adventurous, the interior of the palace in which it is impossible to penetrate.

Illustration of the crowd around the palace …
Here, it seems to me that this was the worst, outside the Palace of Earthly Tranquility, where there is the bedroom of the Empress in the Ming, which will subsequently the bridal chamber of the emperors.

We then decided not to approach us. By cons, bypassing the palace on the right, we followed the custom of touching recommends (handfuls attention:]) bronze statue (?) Which obviously must be lucky to believe by the number of Chinese caressed the statue.
But just be carried away by the movement of visitors and traditional music can be heard in places to finger the soul of the Forbidden City. No no, this is not a CD that you hear, but this old violin player who plays Chinese in his corner.

If the doors that separate courses and palaces are unfortunately often invaded by “the merchants of the temple” (which you propose to put in such regalia …), we have fallen in love with the red enfilades speaker and small during which we see the golden yellow roofs stand out against the blue sky in Beijing.

Very good prospects on the roofs of temples …

But … colossal works, including the famous Ming marble slab carved with nine dragons with a pearl in the mouth, swaying between clouds, waves and cliffs.

If only for the story to move the 17 m and 25 tons of this sculpture which now attract many eyes, it took 28 days and a tip ingenious slab was transported on an ice rink, marked hundreds of wells to water the track and make it slippery with frost, wicked;]

Not to mention the imperial gardens, where we made our break snacks, instant noodles or rather;]

The opportunity to discover strange houses towering over stones with strange shapes …


Another detour through the various rooms that contain objects of life of Emperor Puyi, Chinese emperor of the 20th century very open to Western culture, this will be the only rooms where we could enter.

And we take the north exit of the Forbidden City, we understand clearly now the other name of Purple City. But the visit is not for all over …

To conclude the visit to the Forbidden City in style, I recommend you (when the sky is clear) to cross the street and take your ticket to the Jingshan Park, the Coal Hill, just opposite. The park has little value in itself, except for the brave will rise to the top and can see the last time the Forbidden City, panoramic version …


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