The Temple of Heaven

after the hunt of the day to join the Summer Palace, today we set sail on a site much closer to the center but not really less, the Temple of Heaven welcomes us …

The day before, we indeed have felt the bus system in Beijing (I’ll talk …) throughout the city from south to north, to join a Summer Palace which deserves the shot that day , we thought we had the right to test another means of transport: taxi
Hop in less time than it takes to say (10 minutes anyway), we are returned to the Temple of Heaven (Tiantan), which is located just south of Beijing Railway Station finally brought this course measures Capital

The Temple of Heaven in fact covers a huge park (twice the surface of the Forbidden City) and all the monuments. Thus, like many sites to visit, it will take TICKET THROUGH, understanding that gives access to the whole site.

Just arrived, we seek and find the famous rotunda we spotted our guides, it was imperative that we too can make beautiful cards … But just arrived, we are disappointed … For approaching the monument, we discover, frightened! that it is under renovation and covered with scaffolding disfigure! Farewell cards …
We circumvent anyway, and there we find that the Chinese also understand the rules of tourism: a third of the surface of the monument is completely clear, we are reassured and train strafing

For if he had really been a shame not to bring back beautiful pictures of this room so special, first by its circular shape “equilibrium and harmony” after our Backpacker, especially with the triple blue roof , which radically changes the yellow roofs usually encountered on other monuments of Beijing.

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