Temple of Heaven , a symbol!!

Continuation of the visit with the “Imperial Vault of Heaven.” Here it is interesting, it is not really the rooms to visit, but the secrets contained in the enclosure.
Both sides of the fence, 2 bathrooms symmetric diametrically opposed, and it would seem that if two people are placed behind each room and one speaks in a normal voice, the other distinctly hear. We were not tried too many tourists there already strove, and shouting

Another trick: multiple echoes of three large rectangular slabs forming the axis of the enclosure. When claps his hands on one gives a single echo, double the next triple in the last … too loud, especially to see all these people kneeling, the ear on the pavement to check something
For in fact, the entire Temple of Heaven was built around symbolic.

The first of these is true in the geometry of the temple. The park has a square base with the image of the Earth, and monuments, above, are therefore the image of Heaven: round, as it was imagined at the time (1420).

Another great symbolic of the number 9, a symbol of longevity homophony. The park is 270 ha (9 × 30), the steps leading to the rooms are always number 9. 1420, year of construction of the palace is also the 18th (9 × 2) of the reign of the emperor was the head of the Empire. We finally found the most extreme form of this symbolic altar of Heaven.
The Altar of Heaven, large circular ceremonial, is indeed surrounded by 360 (9 × 40) marble balusters and floor is made of 81 tiles (in slabs 9 of 9 rings each) marble … and guess what, the ceremonial pronounced that it was composed of nine sentences …

After such brain activity to verify the legends mathematics governing Chinese historical sites, nothing beats a little … a great … a great walk in the park of the Temple of Heaven, with the key, a small souvenir photo with an unknown Chinese who specifically requested that I am on his photo, bah if you can please


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