The Mongolian pot

The Mongolian pot is the culinary event that marked our first day in Beijing, we still look back … with disgust.

Harassed our first day marathon, we wanted a place where we ask to restore us a little while continuing the optical discovery of the trip. Who refuse certain restaurant / greasy spoon on criteria rather random, we finished, great adventurers that we are, in a pot of Mongolian restaurant.
Of course the servers are fun to see land two laowai wholesale jackets winter … It gives us the menu, and there big moment of solitude (yes it happens sometimes) there are tons of stuff and I do not know what to take how we eat a Mongolian pot??

Once the machine made ​​and placed in the hole in the middle of the table, I understand that it will boil stuff, then it starts with Sandrine, potatoes, mushroom-shaped chicken thighs some meat and noodles, the Snitch short, anything that pif obviously risky when we hear the servers laugh … moment of solitude, when you hold us …

The most legendary it was when we made ​​the sauce, something foul (which I learned that it was made ​​from plums) I surreptitiously left behind … Everything was super expensive, not really feeding and stay soft … not good at all …

So things will happen, better to avoid restaurants that display a Mongolian pot on their brand, or go with someone who knows, because with me, or you may regret it …


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