New year in summer?! :p

Another harbinger of the approaching New Year: the streets are deserted Minhang. Dongchuan read, usually so full of life, is a ghost street where restaurants closed one after the other, the only remarkable activity being undertaken major work here and there to open a new bakery “Christine” or simply refresh the restaurant .

In fact, the entire population of Minhang seemed an appointment at the counter read Humin to buy train tickets.
As it is imperative on the eve of New Year, the Chinese have a family gathering around a gargantuan meal until the end of the night. They therefore across the country and this period is thus synonymous with heavy traffic that earned me wait a few hours when I wanted, just at that moment preparing my trip to Beijing.
New Year’s Eve in Shanghai
Just before the start of the Spring Festival, I was in Shanghai, Sandrine and we discovered some of the customs of the new year.

7, we went to visit the Longhua Temple (forthcoming article … one day …) and on the way we actively participate in a custom Chinese New Year: launch our wishes for the new year in a “wish tree New Year “(name of my composition), and especially to ensure that they remain hanging:] because otherwise, your wishes are not met!

We bought a “lot of new year wishes to hang on the tree” (ba) to 15 yuan, which included 4 pieces of “tissue greetings new year” (ter) beautifully painted and adorned with various small objects and red and gold pouch, in which we had put the “fabrics wishes new year” before launching into the tree.

Sandrine before and I have applied to write our vows on 2 pieces (we secretly kept two others memories), total immersion in Chinese culture requires, I’ve written in Chinese.

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