The tanghulu

The tanghulu … this is probably what is best in Beijing!
Finally we find elsewhere in China, I’ve even eaten since on the Bund in Shanghai, but not as much and as well as in Beijing, capital of China and tanghulu

Tang-hu-lu: tang which means sugar (not soup, it’s the same phoneme but not the same tone, see) and hulu which means calabash … this is what is said in my book of Chinese courses for explain this strange word.
But hey, what are these calabashes sugar? In fact tanghulu, these are the “kebabs” fruit frozen inside a layer of crystallized sugar a bit like …
It is still unclear huh, that’s right … luckily the camera was there!
In Beijing it’s everywhere these vendors who carry around their carriage tanghulu bouquets. Obviously, this is one of the favorite treats of Beijingers who are specialists.

I’ve tested the first time on the first day in Beijing, the first night in fact, after the episode of the Mongolian pot, which I had left as a hollow stomach …

And then, almost every day of our stay in Beijing was marked by a tasting of tanghulu, to such an extent that we were able to conduct a very thorough study of the quality / price tanghulu in Beijing, which Here are the results:

the ideal is two kuai le tanghulu: for that price you can have a very good and mostly seedless (like here on the side of Qianmen)
we offer you a tanghulu 1 kuai? better refuse every time it is full of glitches …
3 kuai, in a pinch, but if there are glitches, there you are really having (as is possible if you take one on the site of the Great Wall of China …)
But why she speaks seed? you say.
Just because the tanghulu, true, authentic, consists only of small apples (pome fruit par excellence). Of course you can find other kinds, with strawberries or exotic fruits, it grows even fantasy to alternating colors and everything, and yes not believe the market is very diverse tanghulu
Nevertheless, for these derivatives have tasted, I think again, nothing beats a real tanghulu small dark red apples shining under the light sugar frozen streets of Beijing and seedless …


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