Chicken chicken

The Summer Palace is perhaps the largest historic site in Beijing that we visited. Already we had to earn it, because getting there was not a piece of cake, but our little legs were a number of kilometers on the site to see as much as possible.

For those that follow, I know I’ve told this a bit, but if I would insist, it is because sightseeing in Beijing, especially when we go to the Summer Palace, it gives hunger

And there, even if most of the time we find it unfortunate that the merchants from the temple invade historic sites, we are still very happy to find the lake of the Summer Palace, a small vendor that does not offer you a chocolate bar or packet of sweets, but real food: breaded chicken sleeves all hot! (advantage in winter in Beijing)
Can be read on the face of Sandrine how much it was a pleasure
Anyway all that to say, to visit sites of Beijing, you can go to provide a picnic gargantuan, there you find happiness for 2 yuan.

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