Lest time to eat chinese food

Beijing, we were part of a tour bus, program, Badaling Great Wall for the next morning, and Ming Tombs for the afternoon. And between the two then?

Well for lunch, our little car and we were led to what is probably the single restoration site near Badaling.
By restoration site must understand a sort of self left at all wind surely nice spring but obviously empty in February, and a little diner / greasy spoon with the Chinese secret, all of course with this it takes souvenir stands all around. Our guide told us that a restaurant was superior standing around, but one – she was careful to tell us where and 2 – we did not really want to pay cash for a restaurant tourists.

So we went to the greasy spoon, and we ate noodles! It was actually the only thing I could recognize both the name and inspired confidence that we …
Well, next to the Great Wall in Beijing and Shanghai Minhang, whenever you eat noodles in a greasy spoon, you are entitled to show!
Noodles are prepared in front of you, as I say, it prepares … On pastry informs the chef kneads, stretches and separates twirls under your eyes that soon found in our large bowl floating in a soup well hot and decorated, this time among other things, strips of beef boiled … ah niurou the mian!

Of course we paid our noodles 3 times the price that I pay in Minhang, what are the laws of tourism, but that did not stop then go take a tanghulu, just to wait before resuming car

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