Beijing Duck

Skip to Beijing without eating duck, it would be a sacrilege, in any case you would spend next to something …
A young Pekinese who was part of the convoy to the Great Wall advised us: to eat the best Peking duck is the Quanjude restaurant to be!

Indeed, LA culinary specialty of Beijing, it is not tanghulu đŸ˜‰ is the Peking Duck!
So obviously we wanted to try, and of course in the rules of art.
For this, the most famous address in the capital: the Quanjude near Qianmen.

Address in his pocket, and without any indication as to know that we had to go down to the station Qianmen, so we launched a search of the famous restaurant. The problem of finding the first avenue because Qianmen, this is not good but it’s big star, and then to identify among the many restaurants neon provided, which showed the three characters that we were interested . Because we had already suffered a few setbacks in the search for specific addresses in Beijing, we were particularly proud to have found us before being left to die of hunger on the cobblestones of Beijing.

But then, attention, in fact, the first restaurant we found was actually the Quanjude version of fast food … fits very well, but customers were crammed around tables and ate paper plates, weird … something else weird, just before entering the “fast-food duck,” a man we arrested had to sell us a ticket that was a number, but he wanted to do anything in this issue?

The answer was not long to know … When the waitresses “fast-food” were spotted our surprise, they quickly realized that this was not the place we were looking good and then also because in this restaurant where there were only Chinese laowai therefore, they wanted … surely go to another restaurant, the true, the beautiful, the place where everyone wants to eat duck in beautiful plates …
And … when I say everyone, that is everyone! Especially on February 14 do you think … When we arrive, the entrance is packed with people standing seeming to wait quietly, then naturally I inquire with the hostess, who told me that n ‘ there is no problem to eat 2 tonight, and hands me a smile … that a number of our position in the queue .. where the man who wanted to sell us his number earlier

Good and well we had time to do a little round … Everything is provided for this purpose, because it is possible for relatively comfortable chairs to see through a window in the kitchen cooks bustle around an endless row duck ready to take the pin!

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