My friend told me…

Just like Christmas in our western lands, the Spring Festival (known in our latitudes as Chinese New Year) is the most important festival of the year.

Before coming to Shanghai, I spent two years in Paris in the 13th district, 500 meters from Chinatown. I then discovered the famous dragon dances and parades as they are known around the world on the occasion of Chinese New Year.

But Spring Festival in China has nothing to do with what we can see in Chinatown metropolises. Here I could feel a real enthusiasm about the event, perhaps simply because this time I was in the heart of the festivities, not next.

The Spring Festival lasts 15 days, from 09 February to 23 February this year (yes I know it is time to write this article:]), and well before February could feel the importance of the party in preparation .
Unable to find a way through the aisles of Auchan.
The truth about the idiot who walked on the head

The doors of my neighbors and shops currencies relative to traditional good wishes calligraphy on red paper, or a red diamond and gold with at its center the character “fu” 福 synonymous with happiness and abundance.

I also noticed that very often, the character was placed upside down. So, because when even the Chinese know how to write the place, I asked myself a long time what was the reason. I ended up looking a bit, and I learned that the reversed fu is actually a pun to mean the arrival of good fortune, thanks to the disambiguation of “dao” which means “upside down” and “arrived”: “fu dao the” ie “fu is upside” but also “happiness has arrived!” Never last for a good pun these Chinese)

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