Very nice moments in china

We wait without really understanding the how of why, when a second car, more comfortable arrives. We shall then down and up again because in this chic! other ‘Western’, y ‘will therefore surely guide in English!
Well no! The guide does speak in Chinese. After a long bus ride, we finally arrived at the site of Badaling (35 yuan per person), then we are left 1:10 to stretch our legs, that’s what we expected!

Already level weather, we are not spoiled, a haze is already emerging, such photos postcard, it will not this time

But hey, as the saying goes, “He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a good”, then it is left for the climb! Oh yes I forgot to mentioned, we not only have no guide in English, but no cable either, it will be just the opportunity to show our bravery
And we were very brave!
To take a few pictures of the Great Wall, it took us to climb hundreds of steps and go through 4 or 5 thousands of watchtowers dotted along the wall, through which, by a system of signal lights, information could move very quickly from the time of the barbarian invasions.

In fact, about 8 meters high and 6 meters wide, the Great Wall was playing more of a deterrent, never able to prevent invasion. A little power our Maginot Line 10 … what

It is also said that the Great Wall is the only human work visible from the moon.

And my cheeks reddened by climbing, we see from the moon?

In short, the effort was in line with our expectations, and even though the sun was not part of the game was worth it, to convince you, find the pictures I could not fit into the album Views of Beijing, you also may have to gasp!

In fact if I had time, I would have gone further to stroll on uneven steps of the Great Wall, but we had to leave quickly because the bus was waiting for us to continue the journey.

Next step: lunch in what is perhaps the single restoration site nearby. Good noodle soup will do the trick for us and give us calibrate our emotions morning.

Because the day is not over. Now we are heading towards the Ming Tombs.
The Ming Tombs

With Sandrine we expected a lot from this visit as well, but we were disappointed.

In fact, the Ming Tombs is a collection of sites, and the fact is that our program sites or are they equally unattractive, the site we visited has certainly revealed the imposing statue a Ming emperor, but in fact the tomb one sees nothing special in any case it was felt on our site Changling.

Worse, we then stopped at another site, and it leads directly into a sort of small museum where you begin to describe the entire tomb around an attractive model, before you go around a jade sculpture gallery which ends with a workshop (still good that’s interesting). But of course, the Chinese not crazy, just after we urge you to spend your money to buy jade, stone very expensive because very hard work by the way …

So we will not see “the way of the spirits” lined with symbolic animals evocative. This may be for another time, because it is already time to go, and we must admit that once again a good night’s sleep will be welcome after a meal because of course, what better after Climbing the Great Wall of China as the sole true taste sublime Peking Duck in Beijing? To discover very soon in the section dedicated to our culinary experience

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