we decided to go for a ride to Beijing Zoo, the main goal: to see with our own eyes the famous giant panda …

After our memorable journey in search of the Summer Palace, there was at least one thing for sure we knew how to get to Beijing Zoo

It was fortunate, precisely because we wanted to pay a visit to the famous Giant Panda yet discreet.

The Giant Panda, is it still necessary to point out, is a species endangered, we should even say endangered advanced. Everyone, I think, has led the organization’s logo WWF …

However, China is perhaps one of the regions of the world where it is still possible to see, certainly not in its natural state, but we will confine this time
Just hope that other generations after us can still admire (end of informational message).
We thus arrive at the zoo, 15 yuan entry includes access to the site of pandas. Note that many tourist sites work this way: a right of entry to general site, and an additional fee for each activity / particular site within … which often leads to dilemmas like I’m going, I do not go often … 10 yuan = 1 euro …
In any case this time, no hesitation, yes we want to see the pandas. That will be the first thing we’ll see.
First we met our first giant panda indoors in one of these rooms recreating the conditions of life of the animals they house, the kind of rooms that make you sick at heart for their guests …
The first panda stung just a nap, but the second was awake and busy around what was to be his lunch (bamboo shoot?). It continues to move in the room, where pandas are broken commercial form … It tells you a cap or a piece panda panda remember? We prefer to go out …

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