The famous Chinese Giant PAnda

And we had good reason. For the other side of the room, there was a site where we could see other pandas, but outside this time. And we may say, without the glass and artificial heat, it’s still much better to enjoy the comings and goings of these huge hairball black and white, they are all touching, it would take in his arms the big teddy bear with black eyes that can not distinguish between the tufts …

Except that Teddy, there’s just bears. And yes, the giant panda is a species of the same family as the bear, which probably explain that those responsible for feeding the corny prefers to stay behind a grid rather than a big hug
But hey, you never get tired of watching … by far … It’s still cute …
(End of message character core, it is not-that-kids still wonder … But is it not the first step towards compliance? Latter I stitched Nicolas)
After Pandas course we continued to visit the zoo. Birds, monkeys, reptiles, and elephants, oh elephants. For them to new obligatory passage through the halls thermostat fragrant … Beyond just knowing these animals confined indoors, which may be understandable in the winter, we were disgusted (yes I think it ‘ is the word) to see simply parked, unable to move in their box protected by these plexi glass.
And then you realize, but in fact, in France zoos are they open to the public in the winter? I prefer to continue to think not, and maybe I’ve just why …

Besides the general view that the Beijing Zoo has left us will hardly folichon. Facilities have seemed a bit dilapidated, or at least in need of renovation. The Chinese, however, the air rushing in number to visit, now 15 yuan entry … I confess to not knowing how zoos are managed, perhaps we can not afford to close doors in full New Year holidays? Interesting question indeed …

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