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Meanwhile, these days, I am what you might call a SBF, No Fixed Babasse, then instead of loading all the beautiful pictures I have taken recently (oupa), I put in value …

At the moment, I’m down … my computer is paaaaaaannne; (
So I brought for repair to computer (it will surely be an article) and in the meantime I’m No Fixed Babasse, which is a real draaaaaaaaaaame, those who know me understand

In fact, I’m not quite Babasse Without Fixed, because right now, I squat, not one of the five local cafes, but my computer super co (-loc-llègue Chinese , pine-what), I appointed Marieke, as-in-China, whom I thank from my heart, because it must be said, I owe him my life right now
Poutoux full of stars and Mali for you!

That is to say, with the many developments initiated by Over-Blog recently, I took the time today to shine a little my gallery that no longer resembled anything.

Then you can take the time to admire it by clicking on one of the iridescence of Reflections of China (see left menu), either:

Life in Minhang
Travel in China
Cards in bulk
Shanghai F1 Grand Prix
Shanghai, day and night
Student at SJTU
Beijing, February 2005
China holidays
To discover and rediscover, pending any new articles that will appear again at their usual pace once I found my home, uh, my computer;)


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