Sunday in china

Sunday morning is sacred … usually on Sunday morning was not over, usually on Sunday morning recovering a Saturday night that lasted late into the night, so usually on Sunday morning … sLEEPING ON!

Well … obviously not in China or at least not today, you will understand why …

It is quite common (I would say on a Sunday 2, 3 in the best case …) that takes place on Sunday morning surprise at the stroke of 10 am: gas meter, water, electricity whatnot … to meet, and of course Sunday morning. Of course we appreciate general way, but we ended up doing especially as we now say … still reasonable …

But today, we broke all records!
Beginning of hostilities around 7:30, buried under the duvet I distinguish echo a megaphone that was circulating in the corridors of the residence, what takes them again this morning?

The answer was soon to become known …
7:45, they ring at our door, the now usual Tidu .. .. Tidu Tidu … the electric bell as standard in all apartments of the residence. Except that Marieke and I like the other one we stayed at the bottom of each our bed, counters, they repasseront later …
We thought … after 5 minutes of ringing ups, rest 30 seconds, and this time they picked up again by acharnant on the intercom at the entrance of the building … it does not move … it is dead they will eventually go!

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