Shanghai lost me again

Still lost.
The next step is our door that has suffered the most. Indeed, we have to deplore the wild aggresion our door to hand Chinese morning who insisted that we wake up and we ended up opening the sake of preserving our door …

8:00 so we finally opened, and why all fuss? Come to paste stickers on our gas appliances, apparently we do not serve us, but until when??

8:45 and breakfast to grumble after the Chinese later second answer. It sounds to our doorstep again … she took the poor dear today. An employee of the gas company comes to traffic our water heater.

9:00 am, the employee is still busy in the kitchen, this time it’s the phone ringing, well, we had not yet heard this morning! Ok
It is our owner who wants to know what is happening, and who wants to come to see for himself … Or more the merrier merrier!

So 9:20, the door is still put to good use, owner’s arrival, towards the kitchen manager for employee gas always very busy.
9:30 am arrival of another crazy for even more fun, youhou … Another employee of the gas company … but it is not the same company, so you are entitled to another employee, what we and our door -what has the chance …

And thus we come to collect pajamas at home, in her kitchen, 3 who speak Chinese gas Sunday at 9:30 …

And then … I will not talk about my upstairs neighbors who are from 10am train or break a wall or penetrate the floor, because then I’ll cry.

When we think in our small towns of France, we are not allowed to mow the lawn on Sunday, but the sound of a lawnmower in the countryside, it is soft compared to what we had this morning … at case, our door, we would have preferred


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