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Huge …

I see no other word to describe what happens to me through this blog.
When I remember last November typing “free blog” in the Google Friend without having heard of the phenomenon in France, and after wiping the website, ftp, and so on of the best … every day since I bless this idea, this intuition, this stroke of luck, call it what you like, for all that it has brought me.

I just spend the hundreds of articles and in the meantime, so many things have happened. Every day you are more likely to come and read my thoughts or look at some pictures, leave your encouraging comments, your questions, your experiences.
I have made some minor services to some, to travel to other exchange also develop friendships within the community Over-Blog, bloggers in general, and more, and all over the world …

There was not long ago I was contacted by a columnist Marie-Claire about friendships created by internet with the key to an article to be published this summer, prior to which I was entitled to a dance me alone with a genius of the new York blues scene and even had a hug in gratitude for a kind word on this blog, last Saturday I was recognized by the blog of the Prime Minister’s reception at the Tower Perl and yesterday I answered the phone issues a journalist for France Info interview aired this morning …

So I say more? if it is thanks to Over-Blog first, and also to those who encouraged me.

Me who came to China to live a unique experience, it is not less unexpected, surprising, unbelievable, huge … what
The adventure continues, I hope you enjoy it as always …

Again thank you,

Suzhou 2

The Garden of the Master of Nets
As in many tourist sites in China, one of the first things we discover is not a plan, but a very figurative representation of all the places that we are about to visit.

And now what happens in real life, and light
There are in fact one of the constants found in the various garden tours that I’ve done: a large basin forming the heart of the garden, surrounded by galleries, stone sculptures, small bridges, but also trees and other plants varied.

Around this central basin is a multitude of small courses which follow, open or hidden, sometimes difficult to remember if it has already gone through one or the other. You might think lost in a big maze, it is the art of arrangement which creates space where there is no …

The garden also has in many places mosaics of small stones on the ground, very typical of Suzhou.
Is it to represent simple geometric shapes or figurative? I do not believe, but it is in these moments we regret not to have with you someone who can explain the meaning of modeling symbols used by Chinese artists.

These are small things, all Western learning Chinese as I am, I still feel tight, but I could learn a lot about a culture that I think I barely touches the finger.
Time to go through the central basin, and see other visitors …
That … we are in a new court, it is not square, but all in length, ideal to expose a “collection” of bonsai
Once we think have toured all over, in any case, those who are left find, we will therefore emerged to find the streets of Suzhou, where there is no longer vegetation delicate flowers along the white walls … but the linen residents
The Chinese are masters of clothesline, and the street is their garden …

A day in suzhou

A 1 hour by train from Shanghai, Suzhou is an ideal destination to spend a day or a weekend away from the metropolis, especially when you restore the heyday getaway desires. I had been able to go to Suzhou and Wuxi in November during a trip organized by my university, but there are so Suzhou to see that I did not wait for spring to return. From the end of February, it was imperative that I show it to Sandrine. Even if I do not write the article now, the memories are still there …
“There is paradise in heaven. And on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. “Quote comes inevitably to the evocation of Suzhou, considered, with Hangzhou as one of the most outstanding landscape areas of China. But if Hangzhou is known for its natural treasures, Suzhou, it has been expertly crafted by the hand of man. And Suzhou, it is important not to miss are its canals and gardens.


Gardens of Suzhou

The gardens are indeed numerous in Suzhou. Highlighting the second homes of famous Chinese families of yesteryear, they have been designed to recreate a miniature cosmogony in the rules of art and Chinese traditions.

The smallest of them, but also that which is said to be the prettiest: the Garden of the Master of Nets. This day in Suzhou, so I wanted to spend. 1 hour by train, buy a card, 1 Gongbaojiding swallowed, and a bus ride later, we were about to enter …

Yes, well, almost …
Because if the card is useful for identifying the descent of the bus, or at least to confirm the intuition that led you to follow a group of tourists who headed in a certain direction, then do not miss the turn to take on the high street. This will lead, not directly to the entrance of the garden, but you will take a kind of signposted route along streets deserted, and finally arrive at the garden. Is that it is worth the treasures of China


4) The training targets: HSK slips to assess the evolution of progress, or the need for progress
a-those we have already made ​​since the end of February (two months)
to review the words we have already seen, but of course we already forgotten
b-those that remain to be done before May 15th (2 weeks)
it would still not be bored … oh the old stroke depression there …
c-not to mention the official HSK manual with detailed grid points,
to verify that it is still necessary to work …

5) Records of scouts and compilation of Experience: binders grammar and usage notes gleaned from wrong answers to HSK already wiped, notebooks and text copy those lines of characters, to better understand the enemy.
6) Equipment ultimate HSK-tor: I have spared you the battery will be discharged on pens that tons of paper, but not essential tool without which any preparation for the battle is almost empty:
Time management is a major issue in such a battle,
mainly limited time like this because …
There is no point HSK-ter soon, he must find the right timely response

So, with all this then if not form a machine HSK …

TO complicated to learn chinese

Yesterday I explained what it was that HSK. Today, 15 days before the deadline fateful commotion of battle! It is organized not to relent in its efforts and be ready for the big day …

Here are the last days of April came. Ah the end of April, synonymous with mid-term exams for most students in China, the first arrival stifling heat, filling supermarkets multitudes of fans, but also synonymous with national holiday from 1st to 7th May on the occasion of Labor Day! Except that everyone will not benefit in the same way its leaves …

First it is not even a real week … We had already endured the occasion of National Day holiday (October 1) when the Chinese give you seven days leave, they’ll resume at least 2. It has not missed, so we had today during Saturday afternoon and Sunday May 8th at 8am Typing this we will also meet …
Then, instead of thinking lazing in the sun in the shade of the willows on the banks of the lake, we will stake our characters and refine our ear to China for the deadline of 15 May.

This is the final straight, that they can not attack without a modicum of discipline and preparation, A review of the equipment:

1) Light Artillery and diversified course books we have accumulated since last September, needed to review and learn vocabulary and expressions that can not really invent but we can try to understand.


2) Artillery: dictionaries French-Chinese Chinese-French, preferably with pinyin story to say the words you read, especially when the practical translation of the book of course is questionable or mysterious: all translations are in English or Japanese, and I am not yet fluent in English … that is to say the level of words you learn now, the little blue dictionary has already proven insufficient.
3) specialized Artillery: To get it right, or at least feel good … to peruse volumes of vocabulary and swallow, perfect method HSK-tor, and set CD/K7 to sharpen the ear … oh well … there’s always the plastic box on CDs …

Speak Chinese

The … Yuedu, ie reading comprehension. At the beginning, our teachers gave us Yuedu to relatively short texts, history spare us when we went to discover the horrible truth: Yuedu … texts … are … long amounts of Chinese characters to leaf loss not truly white. Again, it’s all about practice and will … although sometimes I still use the secret method that is able to answer questions without good understand anything about the text itself
1 hour and 50 questions … you have a headache, pissed … dommaaaaaaage … you still the best …

Come on, a little more effort, more than 30 minutes and 40 questions for the Zonghe, understanding cloze.

This section uses all the skills, listening aside, and requires the ability to analyze sentence structure … still a puzzle.

The Must of Must: the last part of Zonghe, you can see to the left. But they are where A, B, C and D? Well this is the icing on the cake … there is none. It is up to you to write the character that you think would be the place of the underlined number.
There is more chance of 4, but (and even if you are writing the character) in 3000-5000 … hey, there’s how many Chinese characters?
In short, not all first evidence either, but we believe …
I’ve presented and that makes every day of my life since little late February. Even if I pass near to 2:30 HSK itself, I will need at least as much time to fix it, look up words in the dictionary, guess those who are not, etc … not to mention the time to review that I find desperately not …
Let me just show you that even as I have in front of me very soon: the answer sheet.
May 15 (Sunday and yes, in the morning and more!) In box “Chinese Name” can be read “Sailin Meng” in box “English name” (and yes, everything for them yet) can be read “Monthéard Céline”. Hopefully I have enough correct answers in the other boxes, I play not my life, but it could crown the efforts of the whole year, so fingers crossed for me

I hate THE HSK

Practically, to determine the level achieved, there is a similar examination for each group, and depending on the number of correct answers you get one of the following levels of well-defined grids.
Subtlety, the groups “beginner” and “intermediate” pass the same exam, the “chu-zhong” for a level of 3 to 8. Good thing is that I’m going to go like that with a little luck (and working) I can have more than five (you never know), and other stuff that is really good HSK, if it crashes completely (but not too much) you can get a lower level than those for which it is examined (eg have a level 8 when you pass the HSK Advanced) … what a great way to reassure me, with a little luck I do not find myself with a beautiful … 0

Familiarization with the first beast (for me it was the end of February … I still shudder …): a frame with explanations, numbered items, the ABCD on all sides, ah but I know that it looks like a TOEFL …

Ok, I can still push the comparison a bit further. Several parties, for exactly 4 “chu-zhong”, each different skills to test:

Write-analysis, for the last part a bit special.
Well, this is where the comparison ends with the TOEFL.
Because when you approach a little closer to the paper, that is what we fall:
What give you a headache the first time …
Even with the Tingli the first part, listening, they are not as characters that give you a headache, but 35 minutes of blah in Chinese that you must follow carefully otherwise you pick miserably on a series of questions to come … small example:

“This week I had to pass 5 exams, I’m so busy I do not even think to live.” (Translation by wam)
Question: What do these words tell us?

A: I am very angry
B: I want to die
C: I’m very happy
D: I’m very tired and busy

Total happiness
Again it goes, I have spared you the double negation phrases that burr one if you do you understand the sentence through, or full texts that must be followed from beginning to end so as not to miss the question 48 and 2 below.

Tingli the good is not my forte, certainly hard to stay focused on the 50 questions, but it is not too serious, I caught up on three other parties, including my favorite, the Yufa, understand grammar! Yufa and yes, this is my hobby. That bites where to put the word in the right hole, or put the right word in the hole
30 quick questions in 20 minutes and voila (well trying)
Then comes the part that scared … very scared … I hesitated to restore an image, not for the sensitive …

The HSK Test in shanghai

HSK … What is behind this strange name?
Behind this most mysterious acronym should read Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi!
It’s no more you advance huh … well then I will explain

I assure you, me too at first I was scared on hearing this acronym. Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (for HSK so) in Chinese it means “Chinese Proficiency Examination”, it being understood that the Han language, Mandarin, is considered THE Chinese language. So simply put, finally for those who already get tested for English proficiency, HSK is the same as the TOEFL, but finally pardi Chinese course with a few features …
As I told you some time ago, the goal of this first year of study in Shanghai for me is to get a sufficient level of Chinese to follow next year during my specialty will be given a priori IN Chinese.
So officially, I need to get a HSK level 4 (unofficially it is not necessary, but that’s another debate … do things for the better).

But what is a HSK level 4?

HSK offers 11 levels themselves grouped into 4 groups of levels:

group “basic” levels 1-3
group “beginner” levels 3-5
group “intermediate” levels 5-8
group “advanced” levels 9-11
This is where we see that after a year of intensive Chinese, everything we expect from you is a level of “beginner”