I hate THE HSK

Practically, to determine the level achieved, there is a similar examination for each group, and depending on the number of correct answers you get one of the following levels of well-defined grids.
Subtlety, the groups “beginner” and “intermediate” pass the same exam, the “chu-zhong” for a level of 3 to 8. Good thing is that I’m going to go like that with a little luck (and working) I can have more than five (you never know), and other stuff that is really good HSK, if it crashes completely (but not too much) you can get a lower level than those for which it is examined (eg have a level 8 when you pass the HSK Advanced) … what a great way to reassure me, with a little luck I do not find myself with a beautiful … 0

Familiarization with the first beast (for me it was the end of February … I still shudder …): a frame with explanations, numbered items, the ABCD on all sides, ah but I know that it looks like a TOEFL …

Ok, I can still push the comparison a bit further. Several parties, for exactly 4 “chu-zhong”, each different skills to test:

Write-analysis, for the last part a bit special.
Well, this is where the comparison ends with the TOEFL.
Because when you approach a little closer to the paper, that is what we fall:
What give you a headache the first time …
Even with the Tingli the first part, listening, they are not as characters that give you a headache, but 35 minutes of blah in Chinese that you must follow carefully otherwise you pick miserably on a series of questions to come … small example:

“This week I had to pass 5 exams, I’m so busy I do not even think to live.” (Translation by wam)
Question: What do these words tell us?

A: I am very angry
B: I want to die
C: I’m very happy
D: I’m very tired and busy

Total happiness
Again it goes, I have spared you the double negation phrases that burr one if you do you understand the sentence through, or full texts that must be followed from beginning to end so as not to miss the question 48 and 2 below.

Tingli the good is not my forte, certainly hard to stay focused on the 50 questions, but it is not too serious, I caught up on three other parties, including my favorite, the Yufa, understand grammar! Yufa and yes, this is my hobby. That bites where to put the word in the right hole, or put the right word in the hole
30 quick questions in 20 minutes and voila (well trying)
Then comes the part that scared … very scared … I hesitated to restore an image, not for the sensitive …


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