Speak Chinese

The … Yuedu, ie reading comprehension. At the beginning, our teachers gave us Yuedu to relatively short texts, history spare us when we went to discover the horrible truth: Yuedu … texts … are … long amounts of Chinese characters to leaf loss not truly white. Again, it’s all about practice and will … although sometimes I still use the secret method that is able to answer questions without good understand anything about the text itself
1 hour and 50 questions … you have a headache, pissed … dommaaaaaaage … you still the best …

Come on, a little more effort, more than 30 minutes and 40 questions for the Zonghe, understanding cloze.

This section uses all the skills, listening aside, and requires the ability to analyze sentence structure … still a puzzle.

The Must of Must: the last part of Zonghe, you can see to the left. But they are where A, B, C and D? Well this is the icing on the cake … there is none. It is up to you to write the character that you think would be the place of the underlined number.
There is more chance of 4, but (and even if you are writing the character) in 3000-5000 … hey, there’s how many Chinese characters?
In short, not all first evidence either, but we believe …
I’ve presented and that makes every day of my life since little late February. Even if I pass near to 2:30 HSK itself, I will need at least as much time to fix it, look up words in the dictionary, guess those who are not, etc … not to mention the time to review that I find desperately not …
Let me just show you that even as I have in front of me very soon: the answer sheet.
May 15 (Sunday and yes, in the morning and more!) In box “Chinese Name” can be read “Sailin Meng” in box “English name” (and yes, everything for them yet) can be read “Monthéard Céline”. Hopefully I have enough correct answers in the other boxes, I play not my life, but it could crown the efforts of the whole year, so fingers crossed for me


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