TO complicated to learn chinese

Yesterday I explained what it was that HSK. Today, 15 days before the deadline fateful commotion of battle! It is organized not to relent in its efforts and be ready for the big day …

Here are the last days of April came. Ah the end of April, synonymous with mid-term exams for most students in China, the first arrival stifling heat, filling supermarkets multitudes of fans, but also synonymous with national holiday from 1st to 7th May on the occasion of Labor Day! Except that everyone will not benefit in the same way its leaves …

First it is not even a real week … We had already endured the occasion of National Day holiday (October 1) when the Chinese give you seven days leave, they’ll resume at least 2. It has not missed, so we had today during Saturday afternoon and Sunday May 8th at 8am Typing this we will also meet …
Then, instead of thinking lazing in the sun in the shade of the willows on the banks of the lake, we will stake our characters and refine our ear to China for the deadline of 15 May.

This is the final straight, that they can not attack without a modicum of discipline and preparation, A review of the equipment:

1) Light Artillery and diversified course books we have accumulated since last September, needed to review and learn vocabulary and expressions that can not really invent but we can try to understand.


2) Artillery: dictionaries French-Chinese Chinese-French, preferably with pinyin story to say the words you read, especially when the practical translation of the book of course is questionable or mysterious: all translations are in English or Japanese, and I am not yet fluent in English … that is to say the level of words you learn now, the little blue dictionary has already proven insufficient.
3) specialized Artillery: To get it right, or at least feel good … to peruse volumes of vocabulary and swallow, perfect method HSK-tor, and set CD/K7 to sharpen the ear … oh well … there’s always the plastic box on CDs …

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