4) The training targets: HSK slips to assess the evolution of progress, or the need for progress
a-those we have already made ​​since the end of February (two months)
to review the words we have already seen, but of course we already forgotten
b-those that remain to be done before May 15th (2 weeks)
it would still not be bored … oh the old stroke depression there …
c-not to mention the official HSK manual with detailed grid points,
to verify that it is still necessary to work …

5) Records of scouts and compilation of Experience: binders grammar and usage notes gleaned from wrong answers to HSK already wiped, notebooks and text copy those lines of characters, to better understand the enemy.
6) Equipment ultimate HSK-tor: I have spared you the battery will be discharged on pens that tons of paper, but not essential tool without which any preparation for the battle is almost empty:
Time management is a major issue in such a battle,
mainly limited time like this because …
There is no point HSK-ter soon, he must find the right timely response

So, with all this then if not form a machine HSK …


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