Suzhou 2

The Garden of the Master of Nets
As in many tourist sites in China, one of the first things we discover is not a plan, but a very figurative representation of all the places that we are about to visit.

And now what happens in real life, and light
There are in fact one of the constants found in the various garden tours that I’ve done: a large basin forming the heart of the garden, surrounded by galleries, stone sculptures, small bridges, but also trees and other plants varied.

Around this central basin is a multitude of small courses which follow, open or hidden, sometimes difficult to remember if it has already gone through one or the other. You might think lost in a big maze, it is the art of arrangement which creates space where there is no …

The garden also has in many places mosaics of small stones on the ground, very typical of Suzhou.
Is it to represent simple geometric shapes or figurative? I do not believe, but it is in these moments we regret not to have with you someone who can explain the meaning of modeling symbols used by Chinese artists.

These are small things, all Western learning Chinese as I am, I still feel tight, but I could learn a lot about a culture that I think I barely touches the finger.
Time to go through the central basin, and see other visitors …
That … we are in a new court, it is not square, but all in length, ideal to expose a “collection” of bonsai
Once we think have toured all over, in any case, those who are left find, we will therefore emerged to find the streets of Suzhou, where there is no longer vegetation delicate flowers along the white walls … but the linen residents
The Chinese are masters of clothesline, and the street is their garden …

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