Thank you

Huge …

I see no other word to describe what happens to me through this blog.
When I remember last November typing “free blog” in the Google Friend without having heard of the phenomenon in France, and after wiping the website, ftp, and so on of the best … every day since I bless this idea, this intuition, this stroke of luck, call it what you like, for all that it has brought me.

I just spend the hundreds of articles and in the meantime, so many things have happened. Every day you are more likely to come and read my thoughts or look at some pictures, leave your encouraging comments, your questions, your experiences.
I have made some minor services to some, to travel to other exchange also develop friendships within the community Over-Blog, bloggers in general, and more, and all over the world …

There was not long ago I was contacted by a columnist Marie-Claire about friendships created by internet with the key to an article to be published this summer, prior to which I was entitled to a dance me alone with a genius of the new York blues scene and even had a hug in gratitude for a kind word on this blog, last Saturday I was recognized by the blog of the Prime Minister’s reception at the Tower Perl and yesterday I answered the phone issues a journalist for France Info interview aired this morning …

So I say more? if it is thanks to Over-Blog first, and also to those who encouraged me.

Me who came to China to live a unique experience, it is not less unexpected, surprising, unbelievable, huge … what
The adventure continues, I hope you enjoy it as always …

Again thank you,

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