The HSK Test in shanghai

HSK … What is behind this strange name?
Behind this most mysterious acronym should read Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi!
It’s no more you advance huh … well then I will explain

I assure you, me too at first I was scared on hearing this acronym. Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (for HSK so) in Chinese it means “Chinese Proficiency Examination”, it being understood that the Han language, Mandarin, is considered THE Chinese language. So simply put, finally for those who already get tested for English proficiency, HSK is the same as the TOEFL, but finally pardi Chinese course with a few features …
As I told you some time ago, the goal of this first year of study in Shanghai for me is to get a sufficient level of Chinese to follow next year during my specialty will be given a priori IN Chinese.
So officially, I need to get a HSK level 4 (unofficially it is not necessary, but that’s another debate … do things for the better).

But what is a HSK level 4?

HSK offers 11 levels themselves grouped into 4 groups of levels:

group “basic” levels 1-3
group “beginner” levels 3-5
group “intermediate” levels 5-8
group “advanced” levels 9-11
This is where we see that after a year of intensive Chinese, everything we expect from you is a level of “beginner”