The love of home country

We then learn that conscription for military service based on both voluntary and reserve system. But what surprised us a lot is the fact that the People’s Liberation Army (Army of the PRC) must refuse many volunteers too many!
I must say that, again according to our teacher Bai, enrolled in the ALP, a soldier could reach an average salary of 1000 RMB which is more than can expect rural youth by example. Not to mention that leaving the ALP before the age of retirement, it will find you a job to pay equivalent.

What must be more to explain such a momentum to want to defend his country? Unless it is a naturally patriotic attitude of the Chinese people, thus justifying the presence in the country’s constitution:

“It is a sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of China to defend his or her motherland and resist invasion. It is an obligation of the Honoured Citizens of the People’s Republic of China to perform military service and join the militia to strength. ”

Source: China: CONCODOC 1998 Report

I must say that we were already asking questions about military service in China when we arrived for the start of September, we saw many young students on campus lattice. A student was then told that we were students returning from the “compulsory military training” before the return, but we do not know more.
Until recently I discovered thanks to an article on the blog of Selim, professor at Nanjing, which would be “a government measure established by Beijing in September 1989 to establish dialogue and mutual understanding between military and students. “That explains so ordered ranks that you can see in the photo.
That said, with the conversation we had with our teacher Bai, I pushed the curiosity. And yes September 1989, everyone understood, it is precisely the academic year that followed the events of Tiananmen summer.

In fact it turns out that in September 1989, all first-year University in Beijing and Fudan in Shanghai to undergo military training a year, under a rehabilitation policy after the demonstrations for democracy the previous summer.
In 1990, this measure was extended to most other universities. So that military training was compulsory for those wanting to enter the best university courses, and it will even think that those who refused were fired from their university. This measure has been widely criticized by these same universities, some students apparently preferring integrate institutions of higher education below their capabilities, where they will not be forced to undergo military training.
Consequently, since 1993, the duration of the training required has been reduced from 1 year to 1 month.

Source: China: CONCODOC 1998 Report

Subject was richer than he could promise to start. Further information also on the website of China’s Human Rights [English]
It is possible that our Chinese courses are becoming more and more interesting. Anyway tomorrow I must prepare to talk about how I see my future professional, very hard to plan for a future job in a technical field that has brackets for a year to learn Chinese to another end of the world …

I love my friend

And I did not stop in so good way. I asked her if she knew what had happened in Tibet in the fifties.

Cai Li, like most Chinese, throws me at times it was more or less raised his voice against another local, better informed, which subversively company trumpeted in phrases like “the Taiwanese are not Chinese “or” Tibet is not a part of China. ” Whenever Cai Li evoked, I let run into a smiling sigh, not wanting me to return esbaudir political controversy of which would be difficult both because of his level of English because of my level Chinese, and would result in a conjugual nervousness, the result of mutual incomprehension.

But there, the opportunity was too good.

Cai Li discovered all this, seemed responsive to me because of his prior ignorance of the situation, and I had internet tool. So I took my best keyboard I started to connect to the search engines in English and have him point out that the words “free Tibet”, or even “Tibet 1950” was concluded invariably “impossible display the requested page. ” There is only through French sites that we have access to a few sites telling, another Chinese point of view, the events, the invasion of Tibet People’s Army, and the abuses that have découlées: massacres, looting and bombing.

Cai Li could not believe … And wished, after I’ve done it from my (meager) historical knowledge in the field, connect to sites in Chinese History, to be able to read what was said. She has made partial translation, and texts were neither factual nor analytical, but completely propagandists: according to “historians” Chinese Tibet belonged to China since I do not know what dynasty (and n ‘There was no reported sovereignty prior to the Chinese invasion), and if the army was sent (not to mention abuse or bombing), it was a “peace mission” to help Tibetans, and the editor welcome the economic contribution of pacifying the presence of the Chinese army, and moved thanks to the Tibetan people. I told him of course say that this was completely false. Since when

The Chinese have a serious tooth against the Japanese. The Chinese are a bit like the U.S., great kids: for them, there are good and bad. They do not support Japanese revisionism, and it is true that there is no bondable. The Japanese are always taken to the superior race in the Far East, and even now, they continue to prove it. The Germans have accepted the facts were, and still make amends for Nazism. Japanese, no. They never acknowledged what happened, continue to deny it, teach things completely wrong to younger generations, and behave now in mainland China as colonizers who took possession of the territory. In short, for the Chinese, the Japanese are the bad guys. The Chinese, by cons, through ignorance of the atrocities committed by their government, are the good guys.

Myself to when I was a columnist for the New North Tangier, I wrote a rod on the horror of the massacres in Nanjing, perpetrated by a Japanese army that had nothing to envy to the Nazis . In return, all Chinese who had heard of the article had thanked me with a sincerity and emotion worthy because of my support in reporting events heinous and unknown, including Chinese civilians had suffered terribly.

There is no scale of values ​​in ignominy. This is the most limited in the evaluation of repentance, and efforts, we may perhaps recognize the value. For Cai Li, as the quasitotalité Chinese, China is a paradise that should be taken as an example to all the world.

To serve and honor

After our little rest week post-HSK duly deserved, we took the path of Chinese courses. Finished buggers like crazy on the rules of grammar, idioms and practice of writing words, our courses are now more focused on the practice of oral language and comprehension and composition. So last Tuesday for our reunion with Prof. Bai, the lesson plan was: we all prepare for a few minutes to talk about what our classmates of equal status between men and women in our respective countries of origin.

Hot first reaction: arf is boat as subject. Naturally, talk over gender status in society with people from the same company that you do not have to be something exciting. To find the subject, our teacher also had only course open the book to get rid of the problem of the subject. But where it gets interesting is that all French girl that you are, you are to talk with a young Bolivian Nords 2 young Koreans and one old, your teacher and Chinese.
Of course many topics, I will have the opportunity to come back in other posts, today I wanted to pay particular attention to one of them: the military service.

We actually asked the question whether, in each of our countries women could join the army and occupy senior positions at the same level as men. What the answer was almost the same for all, namely that women could join the army but they were much less likely than men, and that women could find graded … well at least in theory .
But are they affected by military service compulsory? Here we left our fellow North Koreans stunned by announcing that France, there was no compulsory military service at all (we skipped the history of Citizens Day, I recall that we were talking about it all Chinese …), and it is a professional army. Inevitably, the standard would be home for 3 years mandatory. Then, as the conversation was quite informal, it is our professor gave us a little about military service in China.

The Chinese Jump!

did not want to throw in the towel, and asked her what she knew of the events of Tiananmen Square in the late eighties. She was only nine years old, yes, but despite everything, still being myself teenager, I remember quite well the importance of events as they were recounted as a providential international upheaval because of the magnitude they could have taken in China.

We must place it in its historical context: the communist dinosaur extinction was underway, the Eastern bloc is segmenting the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall succumbed to popular pressure … And one of the last bastions of communism (and not the least of: a fifth of the world population) showed a small boil and libertarian student in his capital. It was then a major first in a country that, at the time, was completely closed.

Cai Li answer me she has never seen pictures, photos or videos, events as … It does not exist. In witness in time of these events, when it comes to Tiananmen any Western, the first image that return to mind, as it was broadcast, that is emblematic of the student standing up to prevent the passage of tanks. Unconsciousness or ideal, that is not the question, in all cases, the approach remains beautiful. Cai Li and told me she had not heard of it. I stayed as two round side, and replied him “you still know only a few thousand students were killed, and many survivors to avoid the bullet in the neck, had to flee the countries to Australia, the United States, Canada, or France? “. Oh, no. According to sources, the students returned quietly home, and those who were arrested were actually in the pay of Western countries that had handled.

There, I jumped.

I took his place behind the PC, and tried to find photos via search engines French, suspecting that Chinese or English, it would be “unable to display the requested page.” on, I could immediately access the thumbnail of the photo above the young man stopping tanks. Cai and Li écarquillera eyes to see who was sent to tanks, to his knowledge, anecdotal jolts few visionaries responsible for a poor student demonstration to be classified in the heading dogs crushed. And then marched more photos, more bloody. Cai Li could not believe his eyes. I could not believe it either … To see discover the truth about his country. I could find some texts in French, telling the events reported by students diarists, and tried to translate for him. Explain all this to Li Cai with virulence democratic I live, it was shown to the Pope, with supporting evidence, that God does not exist.

what an amazing dinner

At the time we do not think, but after thinking about it, you realize that you are joking and making jokes 2 balls in Chinese. And you realize why our teacher says so proud of her class. We have not had our HSK results, but it does not matter, he said that we have accomplished is impressive.
Time to capture the moment with the inevitable group photo, our teacher runs to buy a pack of cigarettes, it should benefit, because his wife will not let him smoke :), and we have it good say that we are sated, he wished to continue in a tea house. Small snacks tea accompanied Longjin picked last month. With our classmates we take Prof. Bai inattention to organize a picnic next week to thank him and our other Chinese teacher.

But already back again, and it is time to separate, it still found the time to remind us that the year is not over, small exams we are still waiting for a few weeks, then this is not the time to the lazy teacher … Ah Bai, we do not change:]

Thank you teacher!

Yesterday afternoon, our teacher asked Bai all our Chinese class (6 students) at the restaurant. A very nice way to spend during Chinese]

We had announced before the HSK, and he kept his word perfectly!
We reward our efforts to learn Chinese spending notably in recent months, one of our Chinese teachers, Prof. Bai, invited our entire class restaurant! Not being in the neighborhood, and our other friends eating rarely outside the campus, it is presented to Marieke and me to choose the restaurant.
He wanted a clean place where you can eat good food? No need to hesitate any longer, we offered the best restaurant in the area (visibly greasy spoon would not agree:]), the restaurant “Red and Black” as we call us, and that the has been
Of course our table was a bit special, Chinese, Bolivian Norths Korean and French, as you say that our neighbors stared, but we finally have the habit.

But we made a real meal in Chinese a table of 7 people, with the right amount of food in the center where each little use as he pleases, several bottles of Tsingtao requested by Prof. Bai has taught us all ways of toast, plus tea again, to avoid the minds heats up too …

The breakfast was really nice. A real meal New Year full of good humor and a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the beautiful day around advertisers holidays. Our cameras will be put to the test, the meal will be peppered up and down, no question of forgetting these great moments. With Marieke we start to do the same in Kekos posing with Chinese, waving our fingers … V unbridled atmosphere!
Also an opportunity to discover new Chinese dishes and failing to hold their behalf, to take pictures for the next time;] We even discover our teacher our favorite dish, sautéed mushrooms he found absolutely famous.

Yes OR No….?!

When you live so long abroad, not always easy to follow the news of his country. Yet there are subjects that is hard to miss, even if there is better pay close attention: the latest, everyone will understand, respect the referendum is to result in a resounding NO.

It is through the small window on my computer that I could follow as much as possible animated debate in France in recent times about the referendum on the ratification of the European Constitution. With that China 6 hours time difference with Paris, of course I did not wait for the first estimates (4am with me anyway …), and this morning, perhaps even faster than usual I préciptée on my computer when I wake up (how does a little geek on the edges?). The day started badly …
Far from wanting to get into a political debate that would not alter the fact of living abroad in the midst of a population very different from Europe, not only geographically, makes us realize the necessity of the existence of a “European force” consistent, which may have arisen from the European Constitution.
We already citizens of Europe, it is not always that easy to clear the space between the Shengen, the Eurozone, the EU-15 increasing to 25 and how soon? So for Chinese …
Number of subjects of international emerging today, on which China expresses its voice against the United States, but barely heard of a Europe undecided, though that could have something interesting to say. What roles can play well only France and its culture, Germany and its cars, one or another isolated country in the struggles of giants?

These are the questions that make us regret the outcome of yesterday’s referendum, the idea that the debate is placed beyond the internal political squabbles France, or socio-economic implications generated. While not everything is finished, a new Constitution may be proposed, but how long? Impression that just missed the boat, it is now that things are moving, it will help us significantly?

I allowed myself to speak on behalf of expatriates in China. Force is recognized as one that was in France or not, the opinion was different. From what I’ve read on the blog of Pierre Haski, China, the YES won 90%! I’ll let you read the details on the ticket of the results and comment on the question.

Of course we discussed before with our German friends. When we spoke of the fervent opposition conducted in France, they were more surprised. In their country ratification will be passed by their representatives and not by referendum, a priori no doubt about the positive outcome that should result. Interesting to see the different attitudes in our two countries builders of Europe.

Above is a photo I took in the speech of Mr Raffarin (then) Prime Minister during his visit to Shanghai last April. It saw the French flag placed close to the European flag, many things have changed vraissemblablement at the next French intervention in China …