TKDO Chinese

I started taekwondo, and yesterday I finally étrennai my yellow belt!
And yes, after a little more than 20 lessons to repeat ap’tchagui, the dolyo’tchagui, are’maki, and other momtong’maki eolgol’maki I could pass my test crossing the white belt yellow belt Sunday, April 17 with 13 other trainees taekwondo-ists (?) Chinese applying for their yellow belt or yellow-green.
For the test itself, which I may have caused the most problems was the mixture of Chinese and Korean words, I would at least prevent it by putting me in tai chi or kung fu
But hey, I do taekwondo, so now I am also count to 99 in Korean, youhou

Fortunately for me, I spent the same time as two other Chinese who, if they were not always clear on Korean terms, at least recognize the Chinese. I was able to adopt the technology follower when I was making sure, and because I had not yet learned well how to say pump or knee-flexion in Chinese, sign language communication with assistance was used effectively
Why I will not talk about that now?
Just because famous since Sunday, I dragged a kind of tendinitis in his right knee, presumably resulting from my excesses tkdo and basketball, and I was thus able to inaugurate my yellow belt yesterday, and again, resulting in only my left leg. Therefore excluded, photo left leg yop’tchagui learned yesterday


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